How to Archive or Unarchive posts on Instagram 2020

Hey, Bro! Where to store old posts, photos and stories on Instagram, so as not to occupy the memory on your smartphone? Insta gives you a simple decision. You can easily archive the post, and it will be saved privately in your profile, so nobody would see it. Then at any time you can unarchive the post and return it to your profile. Well, now I’ll show you, how to archive and unarchive posts on Instagram in 2020!

How to archive Instagram posts

Bro, you can archive not only photos, but publications as a whole with a description of the photo, geo-marks, hashtags, and so on. But how to archive Instagram posts? Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Open your Insta profile and tap the 3-dotted symbol near the post you want to archive;

Step 2

Then just select the “Archive” tab at the pop-up box;
How to archive Instagram posts

Step 3

That’s all. The post will disappear from your profile and will be saved in the Instagram archive;

After this you can open your archive by tapping the clock symbol and make sure that the post is right here.
How to archive Instagram posts

By the way, all your stories are automatically saved to Instagram archive. And you can simply switch between the Stories and Posts Archives.

How to unarchive Instagram posts and stories

Sometimes you need to unarchive some old post. Or, for example, you are selling something in the business account and have publications with seasonal offers. Then you can just put these posts to archive when demand falls, and then unarchive them when it’s the right time. How to unarchive Instagram posts? It’s easy peasy. You just need to:

  1. Open Instagram Posts Archive by tapping the clock symbol;
  2. Then open post you need and tap the 3-dotted symbol;
  3. After that select “Show on Profile” at the pop-up box.
    How to unarchive Instagram posts and stories

And the post will be returned to your profile!
As I said earlier, all your Instagram stories are also saved to archive. You can select the ones you like and add them to your Story Highlights, so your followers could always view them in your profile head. But Insta story can also be unarchived just as a simple post. To unarchive an Instagram story you need to:

  • Open Stories Archive, select the story you want and tap “Share” button;
    unarchive a story on Instagram
  • Now you can customize the photo and then tap “Your story” to upload the photo to your story!
    How to unarchive Instagram stories

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