How to block someone on Odnoklassniki | Add to blacklist | Ban on

Hey Bro! If someone annoys you or some reason forces you to stop communicating with a certain person on Odnoklassniki, you can simply ban this person. If you add someone to the blacklist, then he will not be able to write you a message and view your profile on Well, I’ll show you, how to block someone on Odnoklassniki!

How to ban someone on Odnoklassniki

To ban someone on Odnoklassniki just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1
    Open the page of the person you want to block, click the three-dotted button and select “report” from the list;
    How to ban someone on Odnoklassniki
  • Step 2
    Then just check the box “Add this user to Black list” and click ‘Report’;
  • Step 3
    This user will be banned and added to your Odnoklassniki Black list, so he cannot look at your profile, send messages, view, comment and rate your photos.

How to unblock someone on Odnoklassniki | unban certain person

How to unblock someone on Odnoklassniki? To unblock certain person on you need to open your black list. And where is the black list on Odnoklassniki? To open and see who is in your Odnoklassniki black list, just do this:

  1. Go to the “Friends” tab, click “Other” and select black list from the list below;
    How to unblock someone on Odnoklassniki
  2. Then just hover over the profile of the person you want to unban and select ‘Unblock’;
  3. But remember – after that the profile of this person will be deleted from your friend list.

Bro, now you know how to unblock a certain person on Odnoklassniki.

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