How to open bookmarks in VK (Vkontakte)

Hey, Bro! Saving to bookmarks in VK is really a very useful function, since you do not need to like or share the post, pic or video with someone, you just need to bookmark it so as not to “lose” it in the future. But where are the bookmarks in Vkontakte? I will show you how to open bookmarks in VK.

Updated version here: Bookmarks in VK

Bookmarks in VK: Where to find

First of let’s talk about where to find bookmarks in VK mobile version on your Android or iOS phone. You need to:

  • Open VK app, tap on the three-lined symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on ‘More’ arrow icon;
  • Then just tap on the ‘Bookmarks’;

You will see all your Vk bookmarks. Bro, here you can see, how to watch VK videos without signing in.

How to open bookmarks in VK desktop version

Well, to open bookmarks in vk desktop version you need:

  • First of all you can change the language in VK. The bookmark section is located in the left side menu in VK on your computer;
How to open bookmarks in VK desktop version
  • If you do not have bookmarks in the side menu, then you can easily enable them. This will require: go to your vk page, hover over the “My Page” tab (or any under it) and click on the gear icon, which will appear in a second;
How to open bookmarks in VK desktop version
  • “Menu Item Setting” appears. Find “Bookmarks” in the list, check the box next to it and click “Save”;
How to open bookmarks in VK desktop version
  • After that, the bookmarks will appear in the side menu, and you can quickly open and view the bookmarks in VK at any time.

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