How to change location in Youtube app | choose country

Hey, Bro! Youtube allows you to change the location, so you can watch what is in trending right now in the country you select. You can change the country both in Youtube on PC and in the mobile app on Android or iOS. And I’ll show you, how to change location in Youtube app!

How to change the country in Youtube app

IMHO, sometimes it’s really interesting to view, what kind of videos are in trending on Youtube at this very moment in other countries. In fact, changing your trending content location in Youtube app is quite simple action. To change your location in Youtube mobile app you need to:

  • Open the app and tap the profile pic in the right top corner of the screen;
  • Then tap the “Settings” tab in the menu;
  • After that open the “General” settings tab;
  • Find the “location” here, tap on it and select the country you want.
    How to change location in Youtube app | choose country

That’s all! Now you can view the trending content on Youtube in the country you selected. By changing the location in the Youtube app, you wouldn’t change it on your computer.

How to edit country location on Youtube

Now let’s see, how to edit the country location on Youtube on desktop. To do this you need:

  • Open Youtube, click on your profile pic and click the “location” tab;
    How to edit country location on Youtube
  • Choose the country you want.

And view Youtube trending content of the region you chosen!
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