How to delete an Instagram account 2020 permanently

Sometimes users realise that social media takes really much time on posting photos, chatting, watching videos, reading posts etc. So if you are tired of wasting your time on Instagram, you can solve this problem easily – just delete your Instagram account. Moreover, every user can either delete an Instagram account permanently, or temporarily deactivate an account. Well, let’s see how to delete an Instagram account 2020 permanently!

How to delete your Instagram account

In fact, deleting a profile in Instagram is quite easy and does not need much time and any special skills. But you have to realise that permanently deleting means that Instagram will delete your data – posts, photos, comments, likes, videos. Also, after deleting an account you can’t resurrect it and bring back all deleted data.

So, to permanently delete your Instagram account just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Go to «Delete Your Account» page. You can do it both on your mobile and on desktop;

Step 2

Then log in (if you have not already);

Step 3

After that select a reason for deletion from drop down menu. You must do this to continue deleting;
How to permanently delete an Instagram account 2018

Step 4

Then re-enter your account password;

Step 5

And finally, tap or click «Permanently delete my account».

After that your Instagram account will be deleted with all the data! By the way, to save your data before deleting an account, you have to use special apps, for example «Fast save from Instagram», as Instagram interface does not allow to do this by itself.

How to temporarily disable an Instagram account

If you want just to do a pause, a break to relax some time without Instagram, it’s better to disable your account without deleting all data.

And what happens when you temporarily disable your Instagram account? Deactivating your account, you can easily resurrect it anytime just by logging in. Disabled account and all it’s data is invisible for other users, and it can not be found in the Instagram search!

So, to close an Instagram account temporarily you need:

  1. Go to “Temporarily Disable Your Account” page;
  2. Then select the reason why are you disabling account, re-enter the password and press the button “Temporarily Disable Account”;
    How to temporarily disable an Instagram account
  3. Then confirm the previous and your account would be temporarily deactivated!

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