How to enable cookies in Opera browser

Hey Bro! Need to enable cookies in your Opera browser? Or maybe you need to allow (or disallow) third-party websites to save and read your cookie data? Well, all this you can easily find in the Opera settings. So, I’ll show you, how to enable or block cookies in Opera browser in 2019!

Cookies settings in Opera browser

Well, first of all, you need to open the Opera browser and go to the settings – here you can do whatever you want with the Opera cookie data!

Full instruction:

  1. Click on the Opera symbol in the top left corner and select “Settings”, or just press Alt+P;

  2. Then open the “Advanced” tab, click on “Privacy & security” and then click on the “Content settings”;

  3. Here you need the first tab – “Cookies”;
    How to enable cookies in Opera browser

  4. On the next page you can change the cookies settings. Here you can enable cookie data saving, or activate the deleting of the cookies every time you close Opera browser.
    how to block third-party websites to save and read your cookie data

  5. You can also block certain websites from saving cookies data by adding them to the list below.

  6. Moreover, this tab allows you to view all your cookies and site data and delete only certain ones.

That’s all! As you can see, Opera has a pretty user-friendly interface, so you can easily manage cookie settings!

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