Error E-8210604a PS4 – how to fix

When trying to pay for a PS Plus subscription or a game in the PlayStation Store, some users are faced with the message: “an error has occurred (E-8210604A) ” on PS4.

E-8210604a PS4 Error Code

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the reason of error E-8210604A on PS4 and solution to fix it.

Cause of error E-8210604A

At the moment, it is not known for certain what the cause of the error with the code E-8210604a on the PlayStation 4. It is not included in the official error database. There are no comments about it on the Sony website.

But by experience way, users found out that the problem lies in the email inbox associated with the account.

E-8210604A – how to fix error on PlayStation 4

The solution to the problem with error E-8210604A is very simple: all you need to do is change the E-mail associated with your PS Store profile. It is desirable to use Google mail – Gmail. You can change it from your personal account on your PC or directly in the PSN settings.

To change mail on a PC, you need to do:

  1. Enter your account;
  2. Go to “Security” section, the link to which is located in the navigation menu in the left side column;
  3. Click “Login ID (E-mail address)”;
  4. Enter a new E-mail.

To change E-mail on PS you need to do:

  1. Go to the “Menu”;
  2. Open “Settings”;
  3. Go to the “Account Management” section;
  4. Go to the subsection “Account data”;
  5. Select “Login ID (email address)”;
  6. Enter a new E-mail.

If the problem is not solved

If changing the email inbox did not help solve the problem, then you can:

  • Top up your PS wallet account directly, and then pay for the product or service using your account funds;
  • Purchase a gift card with a recharge code from retailers. For Example, on Amazon.


Hi! Sorry for my English, Bro. I'm not native speaker. But i'm trying to help!

21 Responses

  1. RR says:

    This worked for me. Had a non gmail login, changed to a gmail one and no longer getting the error.

    It sucks that Sony doesn’t just tell you that, but hey, E-8210604A.

    Anyway thanks, Bro.

  2. Cody says:

    This is so annoying… Sony has done nothing to address it either.

  3. Danny Gosselin-Cayer says:

    Worked for me as well

  4. Danny says:

    I need that gmail tho because it’s connected to my Fortnite acc which is what I’m trying to buy and I can’t change the gmail or it won’t be bought on my acc

  5. Ps4 says:

    Hi everyone! So before adding a new debit card I didn’t have any problem when I tried to pay more games in one payment.. now I have another debit card and when I try to pay for example 3 games I had this error E-8210604A and guess what I’ve done, I just pay each game separately and it works just fine without changing anything, I believe that error is coming in conflict with discounts codes when you try to pay more games once! All the best gamers!

  6. Leonardo says:

    Funciona. Lo acabo de.realizar. muchas gracias. el soporte técnico de Playstation deja mucho que desear. 3 veces chatee con ellos sin solución.

  7. Joaquin says:

    Hola, una pregunta. Cuando recargas los fondos directos de ps es lo mismo como comprar un juego? Porque tengo miedo de cagarla jaja

  8. Donquez says:

    I tried that method but it doesn’t work for me. Any other ideas?

  9. Austin says:

    The things is… I’m using a green
    Light card, which is a debit card,so I changed my email and it didn’t work. But when I tried adding funds it also had an error. Is something wrong with my PS4?

  10. Nick says:

    Worked great for me

  11. NinjaForcez says:

    First off any thing that is more or less forcing people to use email from a specific service is wrong, and second, The Add funds does not work for most people, as the Email is still the same, This is an issue within Sony or at Least PSN, and needs to be addressed by them and fixed,

  12. Steven says:

    Why the f*ck won’t sony do anything i would be better off with an xbox

  13. Mati says:

    U mnie zmiana adresu e-mail nie działa. Cały czas wyskakuje mi błąd. Najlepsze że chce 14-sto dniową wersję próbną, która jest za Fred.

  14. Tai says:

    The fact that this problem still exist is the reason I’m switching to pc

  15. Shane says:

    Hey what’s up man? Jw if u ever found a solution 2 ur PS4/5 problem? Mine was doing it also,changed email still F-ed up,then I added money to my PS ACCOUNT WALLET and it worked. But now my Dads is doing it also neither 1(Email or Wallet)of em worked for his but I remembered how I done mine completely(KEEP READING IF U NVR FIXED PS IF U HAVE NO NEED 2 READ FURTHER)…… Email change 4 me nope,Added funds to my wallet tried 2 check out and still throwin an error code but a diff 1(believe it was a WC- which idk what it means but think it’s a low money Error or Cards messed up idk I nvr checked lol)I was pissed off bigtime dude. Well then I tried piggybackin off of a PS PLUS free mth game(that’s what I was wantin 2 buy is PS Plus)so I added it 2 my CART along with the PS Plus that was already in da CART. My money was in my WALLET and I checked out through the FREE MONTHLY GAME(believe it was COD BO 4 but idk not 1hunda bout it)it did throw me 1 error code but checked out afterwards(on 2nd time I hit check out)It lemme do it twice(PS Plus ran out and I checked out same way again)but 2nd time no error codes popped up on me so idk dude. Lol sry for long msg/reply but figured it might help a few peeps out. But it’s not workin 4 my dads PS4? Did u figure urs out yet,if so will u plz msg back bout what u did please much appreciated? Have a good1 ALL and close enough MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ERY1….

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