Error WS-43689-0 PS4: Solution

Trying to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription, some console owners are faced with the appearance of error WS-43689-0 on PS4. It may also appear when purchasing some games.

Error WS-43689-0 on PS4

In this article we’ll take a look at why is happens error WS-43689-0 on PS4 and what to do to fix it.

Why error code WS-43689-0 happens on PS4 when buying a subscription

At the moment, on the Sony website has not information on the causes of error WS-43689-0 on PS 4.

The majority of users are inclined to think that the company in such a way is fighting the abuse of the free trial 14-day subscription. As a rule, PS owners who repeatedly subscribed to a free subscription from different accounts on the same console became victims. Apparently, the hardware is being blocked.

Moreover, the error may continue to appear even if the user has chosen one of the paid subscriptions for a period of 1 month, 3 months or a 1 year.

This theory is confirmed by the response of Sony’s support service to one of the users who encountered this problem:

Your account has been blocked due to abuse of trial subscriptions. There have been frequent account creation from your console to purchase a free subscription exclusively.

Error WS-43689-0 on PlayStation 4: How To Fix

Possible ways of solution the problem with the appearance of error WS-43689-0 on PS4:

  • When buying a subscription, you need to add one more product. For example, you can purchase a cheap game, theme, or avatar. But the subscription and the product must go through one purchase;
  • For some users, the problem was solved by spam clicks on the “X” button on the subscription purchase page. For some people it took a few minutes, others – up to half an hour;
  • Try to buy from PC:
  • You can buy a digital code to activate your subscription. For example, on Amazon;
  • Remove billing information from your account and re-add it. It is advisable to add another payment service, if possible;
  • Installing new firmware. It is necessary to update / install the STB’s firmware to the latest version;
  • Create a new account. However, this does not guarantee a solution of error WS-43689-0 on PSN 4, because the large number of accounts with free subscriptions is the reason of error.

If you cannot solve the problem, you should contact the Sony support service. They will help you to solve the problem. Or at least explain the reason of its occurrence.


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