How to find someone on Instagram without logging in account

Despite the huge popularity of the Instagram around the world, today there are enough people who, for one reason or another, are not registered on Instagram and are not going to do it. However, it often becomes necessary to find a person’s Instagram page to view the publications, photos, videos etc. Do you really have to register an account to search people in Instagram? No, you can find a person on Instagram without logging in account. And I’ll show you, how to do this!

Instagram searching without account

Today, the Internet is full of services that allow you to search for people on Instagram without registering, but you can do this directly in the Instagram interface, that is, without using third-party sites and services. But remember:

  • The easiest way to search without signing in is on a computer (desktop version of Insta);
  • In the Instagram mobile app it will not be possible to search for people without registration, the same applies to the mobile version of the Instagram site.

In fact, you can find someone in the mobile version of Insta site, but only if you know the person’s Instagram name.
So, I recommend you to use desktop Instagram, and then you need:

  1. Just go to Emilia Clarke’s Insta page. Enjoy her posts and photos if you want;
  2. And then just enter the real name or Insta nickname to the search form;
    How to find someone on Instagram without logging in account
  3. Instagram will search and show profiles of all people with the specified data! You just need to scroll through the list that opens until you find the person you need.
  4. And if you know person’s Insta name, you can add it to the URL like this;
    Instagram searching without account

Thus, you can find a person on Instagram without registering and view his profile, that is, see all his publications, photos, videos, stories and more. But to view his followers and following pages you have to login.

Also, if someone’s profile is closed, then you will not be able to see his photos either without registration or with registration. As you can see his publications in this case only after he approves the subscription request – and for this you need to register on the network Instagram.

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