How to find someone on VK by the phone number | Vkontakte search profile

Vkontakte allows you to perform a deep and functional search for people using various filters, for example, by age, city of residence, place of work and so on. However, many users often need to find a person in VK by the phone number, which leads to difficulties, since there is no special search for the profile directly by the number. Well, I’ll show you a couple of ways, how to find someone on Vk by the phone number!

Search VK profile by phone number

Okay, next let’s look at the several ways to search for a person’s page in VK by a mobile phone number, but let’s start with the simplest! So, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Just try to Google like this – user’s phone number;

Step 2

If the user indicated his number on the Vkontakte profile, Google may find it.

Another way to find someone on VK is to invite the user. If you have a person’s phone number in your smartphone contact list, you can invite him or her to VK. You can do this both from your PC and smartphone.

On desktop

  1. Open the “Friends” tab and click “Find friends”;

  2. Then click “Invite friends”;

  3. Enter the name, the phone number and click “Send invitation”. After this the user will receive the invitation to VK by SMS message You can also enter the person’s e-mail and invite by the message.
    How to find someone on VK by the phone number | Vkontakte search profile

Well, if the person already has VK account, you can find him or her by such an invitation.

On smartphone

And you can also use your phone to invite someone like this:

  1. Just open VK mobile app or mobile version of and tap “Friends”;

  2. Then tap the plus symbol in the top right corner of the screen;

  3. And tap “Invite a friend” on the next screen;

Hey, Bro! These are the most effective ways to find someone on Vkontakte by the phone number! Read also:

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