How to fix Fortnite resolution bug

After the patch update many Fortnite players have a problem with the resolution, and this is really annoying. But in fact you can easily fix this problem by changing the resolution settings in the game appdata files! So, let’s see, how to fix Fortnite resolution bug!

How to fix the Fortnite screem resolution problem

How to fix the Fortnite screen resolution problem? To fix the resolution bug you have to:

  1. First of all run the Fortnite. Then copy this –
    and paste in the Run CMD (can be opened by pressing Win+R);
    How to fix Fortnite resolution bug
  2. In the next window should open the GameUserSettings with Notepad;
    How to fix Fortnite screen resolution problem
  3. When the file is opened have to exit the Fortnite and then change the resolution according to your screen resolution!
  4. More over that, if you prefer to play Fortnite in the windowed mode, you can change the FullscreenMode from 2 to 0 in this file.

By this you can easily fix the Fortnite resolution bug!

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