How to follow a profile or community on VK | subscribe on Vkontakte 2020

Hey, Bro! There are many interesting groups and pretty profiles in Vkontakte 2020, so you can subscribe to follow the updates. Well, let’s see, how to follow a profile or community on VK!

How do you follow someone on VK

How do you follow someone on VK? First of all, you need to register your account on Vkontakte. If you’ve already done this, you have to know that there are 2 ways to follow someone’s updates on VK:

Step 1

You can just send a friend request to any user, and after this you will automatically become a follower;

Step 2

When you send someone a friend request, he or she receive a notification like this:

Step 3

But it’s better to activate the notifications about updates, by licking the 3-dot button and choose “Notify about posts” in the drop-down list;

Step 4

After this, you will receive the notifications about updates.

Of course, if you don’t want someone to know, that you are going to follow his or her updates – don’t send a friend request! You can just activate the notifications about posts and view every all the updates.
You won’t be able to follow someone on VK only if:

How to follow a community in VK

How to follow a community in VK? Following a group or community is quite similar to following someone’s profile. I mean it’s not necessary to become a follower. You can just enable the notifications about new posts in the community. Well, to follow a community in VK you need to:

  1. Open the community page and click “Follow” (or “Subscribe”, or it may be “Join the community” – it depends on the type of group);
  2. Or you can just enable the notifications.

As you can see, you can become a follower of a community or someone’s profile, or just activate the notifications and follow the updates!

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