How to delete your VK account permanently

Hey, Bro! If you are tired of social media or do not need your VK (Vkontakte) account anymore, you can easily delete the account permanently! But you should understand that after deleting an account, your data will be kept on the VK servers for about a year, and only after that full deleting will be done. However, your data won’t be available for other VK users during this time, and you can easily resurrect your account anytime before the final deleting from the VK servers! So, let’s see how to delete your VK account permanently!

How to permanently delete your VK account

Sufficient number of users asks: “How to delete my Vkontakte account permanently?” To delete a VK account just follow few simple steps:

Step 1

Log in your account, click the arrow near your nickname and select «Settings» in the drop down menu:

Step 2

Then in the tab «General» click «You can delete your profile here»;
How to delete your VK account permanently

Step 3

Then select one of the reasons to delete a profile from the list and press the button «Delete profile». Also, here you can select whether to notify your VK friends that you’re leaving;
How to delete your VK account permanently

Step 4

That’s all! Your VK account will be deleted after that!

After deleting your VK account you won’t be able to log in unless you recover a profile. Other users visiting your profile could see only special message, that account has been deleted!

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5 Responses

  1. Aida says:

    Help meeeeeee i want delete vk account

  2. Alexandra says:

    Hello! This article shows how to delete VK account. If you have a problem with deleting, than please tell a bit more))

  3. ale says:

    This arcticle does NOT show how to delete a VK acount. It shows how to freeze it for 6 months. 🙁

    • Alexandra says:

      Hello)) you can freeze vk account as it shown in this article. Then if you do not recover your profile within 6 months, it will be automatically deleted from VK servers!

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