How to fix Could not load config Mudrunner error

Hey Bro! “Could not load config” problem occurs when running the Spintires: MudRunner in Epic Games Store or Steam? This is a very common error for many users. So I will show you a working way to fix ‘could not load config’ error!

Fixing ‘could not load config’ Mudrunner error

So, I run the Mudrunner and see the problem ‘could not load config’.

It happens because the config file is missing in the game cache folder on my hard disk.

How to fix Could not load config Mudrunner error

To fix this problem just follow this:

  1. Open root folder with the Mudrunner and copy the Config file and ShaderCache.sdc file;
  2. Open the game cache by adding /%appdata and clicking Enter;
  3. Find the ‘Mudrunner’ folder or ‘Spintires: Mudrunner’ and paste these two files into this folder;
  4. After this you will be able to run the Mudrunner;

If these files are already in the game cache folder, but you still cannot start the game, simply reinstall Mudrunner on your computer.

Bro! If after reinstalling the game you cannot find the Config file in the root folder of the game, download this file!

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  1. Peter2073 says:

    Thanks bro first time i ever repaired something

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