Xiaomi m365 Pro error code 14 and 15 – how to fix

Hey, Bro! Xiaomi m365 Pro is one of the most popular electric scooters and many people use it all over the world. In the process of using the scooter, you may encounter some errors that complicate the riding. Some of the most common problems with Xiaomi m365 are the errors code 14 and 15 – which means that your device has throttle and brake errors. So, let’s see how to fix Xiaomi m 365 Error Code 14 and 15!

Xiaomi m365 error codes table

How to find out what error occurred on my device? Your scooter emits short and long beeps, so it signals the presence of errors. The number of long beeps is the first digit in the error code, and the number of short beeps is the second. So we get a two-digit number of the error code on Xiaomi m365 scooter. 

Error Code

What does it mean

Error code 10 BLE module communicaion error
Error code 11, 12, 13, 28, 29 Current sensors calibration errors or Power MosFET error
Error code 14 Throttle stick error
Error code 15 Brake error
Error code 18 Hall sensors error
Error code 21 Battery communication error
Error code 22, 23 BMS serial number errors
Error code 24 Incorrect supply voltage
Error code 27, 39 Controller has wrong serial number in memory or “not activated”
Error code 36 Battery temperature sensor error or overheating
Error code 40 Controller temperature sensor error or overheating

How to fix Xiaomi m365 Pro error code 15

If the scooter emits 1 long beep and 5 short beeps and the device does not move (because the system is blocking the braking module), simply follow these steps:

  • If the scooter has fallen, then an error may occur due to the fall. A hall sensor is installed in the throttle handle, and 3 wires are soldered to it. If the fall was very strong, the steering wheel could move to the side and break the wires. It is enough even to cut off one wire for such an error to appear;
  • Also in the handle are two permanent magnets to which the hall sensor reacts. One magnet registers the start position, the other the end position. If you want to figure out what the breakdown is, disassemble the throttle stick. Below is one screw that is unscrewed with a key that is included. Next, pull off the grip and peel off the plastic strip from the side of the handle. See if the magnets are in place.

Also, water may have entered your scooter. In such cases, I recommend examining the controller for signs of oxides on the board. If there are any, you need to thoroughly clean the board of them with a toothbrush and degreaser.

This video also can help you to repair hand brakes for your Xiaomi e-scooter!

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