How to hide friends on VK | How to see hidden friends on Vkontakte 2020

Hey, Bro! Vkontakte allows the users to hide friends: you can hide all your friends from other users, or hide just one friend or several person from your other friends! So, let’s see, how to hide friends on VK 2020!

How to hide someone from other friends on Vkontakte

VK Privacy settings allows you to hide one person or several users from others easily, and this will take you just several minutes. If you are not going to add someone to your VK blacklist, but want to hide some friends from him or her – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Sing in, click the arrow symbol near your name and choose “Settings” in the drop-down menu;

Step 2

Then click the “Privacy” tab in the right menu. And there you need to choose friends that you want to hide from other, so click “All friends” in the “Who is visible” tab;
How to hide friends on VK

Step 3

Here just choose one or several friends and click “Save changes”;
Congratulations! Now the friends you have chosen are hidden from other users.

Step 4

And after this you need to choose, who can see your hidden friends. So click “Only me” in the “Who can view my hidden friends” and choose from the list. For example, you can choose certain friends, who will be permitted to see your hidden friends, or prevent a specify person from viewing your hidden friends;

Step 5

That’s all! Following these steps you can hide certain friends from other users!

How to see hidden friends on VK 2020

Many VK users want to know, how to see hidden friends on VK 2020. In Vkontakte there is no special function to view someone’s hidden friends!
However, you can find many apps for Android and iOS on Play Market and AppStore. The developers claim that it is their app that will allow you to view everyone’s’ hidden friends on VK. I don’t recommend to set and use such apps, because to use you need to sign in to your VK account via app. And this is not safe. Most often it turns out that:

  1. Half of such apps is used by cybercriminals for hacking VK profiles;
  2. Another half can show you anything except the real hidden friends;

So, most of such apps are just a waste of time!
Ah, to tell the truth, there are several apps like this.
How to see hidden friends on VK 2019
This app can show hidden friends, but only if the users have hidden each other in their lists! But this happens not so often! So, Bro, decide to yourself, do you really need to use such an app.

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