How to remove or customize Xiaomi camera watermark

Hey Bro! Camera watermark option is enabled by default on some Xiaomi devices. But what if I don’t need this feature? How can I remove watermark on my Xiaomi smartphone camera? Well, I’ll show you how to remove Xiaomi camera watermark!

How to disable the MIUI cameras watermark

Bro! All you need to do to disable the watermark on Mi cameras is to follow this simple instruction:

Removing the watermark on Mi camera – Step 1

Open the camera app on your Xiaomi device, tap the three-line menu symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen, and select the Settings tab from the list;
How to remove Xiomi camera watermark

Disable the watermark on Xiaomi camera – Step 2

Find the ‘Device watermark’ tab and turn it to off;
How to remove the watermark of the Xiomi camera

That’s it! After that, the camera watermark option will be deleted on your Xiaomi device. Now you know how to turn off or customize the device’s camera watermark on your Xiaomi phone. This instruction also works for other Android devices.

How to customize Xiaomi camera watermark

Now let’s see how to customize Xiaomi camera watermark or how to delete ‘AI DUAL CAMERA’. 

Step 1

Open your camera settings and select the ‘Watermark’ tab;

Step 2

Open the ‘Custom watermark’ on the next screen;

Step 3

And enter the text you want to see as your camera watermark;

After that your custom watermark will appear on your Xiaomi camera photos. 

Hey, Bro! Now you kniw hot to customize your Xiaomi camera watermark in a few easy steps.

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