I forgot my VK password | How to restore Vkontakte account

Hey bro! Have forgotten your VK (Vkontakte) account password? It happens, no reasons to worried at all. You can easily set the new VK password and start chatting there again. So, let’s see, how to reset your VK password, if it was forgotten, and how to restore VK account after deleting!

How to reset forgotten password on VK

Well, as I said, Bro, you can reset forgotten VK password, and it won’t take much time! Let’s see, how to recover forgotten password. What you need to do is just follow few simple steps:

Step 1

Open vk.com and click the link «Forgot your password?»;
I forgot my VK password | How to restore Vkontakte account

Step 2

On the next page need to enter the phone number, which was used to sign up for the VK account, and click «Next» button. If you don’t remember the phone number, or you hane no access to it, click the link below;

Step 3

Then you need to confirm that you’re not a robot;

Step 4

After this VK will ask to enter some extra information, for example the last name specified on your page. Enter and then click «Next»;

Step 5

Now need to confirm, that it’s the profile you need to restore access to by clicking «Yes, this is the profile»;

Step 6

Then enter your mobile phone and click «Get the code», to receive it by the text SMS message on your smartphone;

Step 7

After that enter the confirmation code and click «Confirm»;

Step 8

And on the next page you need to enter the new password twice and click «Send»;

Step 9

Then you’ll see a message, that password was changed. After this you have to use the new password to sign in.

Step 10

Watch the video, how to reset the password on VK!

How to change vk.com password | recover account

If you’ve deleted your VK account, you can ressurect it during 6 months period, till it would be permanently deleted from the servers. What you need to do to restore your Vkontakte profile is:

  1. Login to your profile. If you don’t remember the password, can reset it as it shown above. After signin you need to click the link “Restore”;
  2. After this click the magic “Restore Profile” button, and your account will be ressurected!

Well, now you know how to restore access to your VK page if you forgot your password or it was lost.

39 Responses

  1. Saul says:

    I forgot the name of the account too.

  2. MisterT Lee says:

    I forgot how to get back in my account

    • Alexandra says:

      Just go to vk.com click ‘Forgot your password?’, enter your phone number or e-mail and restore your account.

  3. Ohegge says:

    Instead of no 6, I get a message to provide the link to my profile.
    Then it sends me to a search page, where searching is not possible…

  4. Junaid says:

    Bro they sent pe a password and login and when I wrote this in login page it says that the username or password is incorrect it’s this every time

  5. ilza fadilatul haq says:

    i forgot number, but i know password, please help me

  6. emz says:

    vk com im trying reset password im getting a code but isnt going anywere it fails there it wont send its starting pev me of

  7. Jltanguin says:

    Bro i try many times but still they didn’t work

  8. Naidos says:

    Sir but I forgot my last name plz help sir

  9. lenon says:

    how can I restore my VK account I have the number but they keep asking me for the link which I don’t remember

  10. Chersie Maniego says:

    I want to know my password

  11. JUDY WAMBUI says:

    Please help. I did not get the code

  12. JUDY WAMBUI says:


  13. Sk Lalchand says:

    My account not forget my password please help me

  14. Piero says:

    i forgot everything, how can i do?
    I try to log in, i am not accepted.
    I try to sign up, the VK says my phone n is invalid.
    What to do?

    • Alexandra says:

      Maybe this will help you – https://vk.com/restore?act=return_page
      Enter the link to your profile and then enter your phone numbers.

      • Piero says:

        Hi Alexandra, i can’t enter anyway, i tried to type all the website asked me, impossible to log in, i tried also to sign up but my mob n. is not accepted.
        so how to do? thx.

        • Alexandra says:

          Try to contact VK support team – here https://vk.com/support?act=new&from=s61_11
          maybe they will help you)

          • bill Daniel says:

            they never help you
            my account was hacked, i complaint, vk retake the account from hacker,, but refused to return my page and closed it forever, 2016 July
            and rewarded the hacker with account tick
            vk is the most corrupt and dangerous site,, from hackers, child pornographers,,, anything,,, except,, they protect Putin

  15. Naing lay says:

    I see my friend

  16. Naing lay says:

    I forgot the name ofthe account too

  17. Naing lay says:

    I see

  18. bill Daniel says:

    can some one help me, take back my account, stolen by VK, hack my account, password/login changed by VK
    it was hacked, i complaint immediately ,, VK retake my account from hacker
    then, i get the message from ”’support”’ that no one can use the page, not the hacker not you

    Reason is, hacker worked for VK, he edited an old post , from 6 years, my first post with my photo, and replaced my photo with his
    When VK allows post editing ONLY for 24 hours!!!!
    and hacker, a child, opened his first VK account 3 years after me, the photo he used on my post,, he first posted it, on his account, 3 years after

    VK Support is a joke, full of liars,, that cover all VK illegal action, with BS

  19. Dhanraj says:

    I need help to recover my VK account. My number and email were changed by the hacker. Now I have only a profile link. Whenever I enter the profile link the recover page says requests cannot be submitted for this page. Please somebody help me.

  20. bill Daniel says:

    you can ask to restore your account, the support VK
    open another account, and ask them from there
    if you used your real name to register
    if you used your real photos in profile, and you know the link

    even if hacker changed name, and photos, they will give you a link to restore, they will tell you, what to do

    When they hacked my first page, the hacker, changed page name, and profile photo
    my problem was, that the hacker was a friend, he phished me to give my page data,,, he was going to add an important friend with 1.2 million subscribers,,, of course, it was a lie,,, i fell for it, i gave him, my login and password
    After my complaint, to support, VK retake the page from hacker, but refused to return , the page to me, they used as pretext, that page data transfer to another person, is prohibited, even if the hacker, used the usual phishing method, now , my first page, is closed for all

    I opened a second page and have 60k subscribers,,, better than the first 40k

    • Dhanraj says:

      I tried that too. The vk team verified my identity, luckily the name is unchanged of the page, but the pictures were removed. So the VK team came up with a new idea saying since there are no real photos in account the page will not be restored to me.
      I will be honest here, I had 2 step verification enabled in account and also I have the so called backup codes too. But even though i lost access to the page. The vk team is just for namesake. They rejected my request even after I verified every detail. They said one word, no pictures so account will not be restored

  21. nick says:

    my account was hack and now cant recover account

    • Dhanraj says:

      It is gone for good. The vk team won’t recover it. They will say the account was transferred and due to that it violated their terms so recovery is not possible. If you have any real pictures of yours then may be it is possible.

  22. bill Daniel says:

    open a new account, or buy an account
    don’t lose your time
    i know people that sell accounts

  23. Rockroll zvk says:

    Looking forget rockroll zvk is my facebook accour

  24. Single says:

    My password find

  25. sumit says:

    Enter your profile URL what is the meaning of this

  26. Yuvraj singh says:

    My id plzz back kardo Yuvraj singh

  27. Akshay Das says:

    vk You can reset your Password once every 12 hours

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