How to Say OK in Russian

How to Say OK in Russian language?

Cyrillic is very different from Latin script, so Russian is so unlike English language. It is very complicated. One of the most complex languages ​​because of its spelling and punctuation.

But in the case with the word “OK” you will not have any problems while visiting Russia. After all, it is possible to say that OK – is international word, which everyone understands all over the world, including Russia. Russians will easily understand it. It is even written in the same way: OK – in English. ОК – in Russian.

But there are several variants of pronunciation of “OK” in Russian.

Pronunciation of OK in Russian

The most common, which can often be heard on the Russians streets:

OK – [okei]

Here’s how it sounds in Russian:

A shortened version is also often used:

OK – [okh]

It sounds like this:

Russian equivalent of the word OK

Native analogue (equivalent) is the word “Хорошо”.

Хорошо – [khorosho]

It sounds like this:

How to Say OK in Russian

How to Say OK in Russian


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