How to sign up for VK: make an account

Hey, Bro! Vkontakte is the biggest and the most popular social network in Russia, so millions of the attractive russian girls have accounts here. To start chatting here and to find new friends from Russia, Ukraine, Belorus and some other countries, first you have to sign up for There are several ways to sign in: with a phone number or sign up for VK with your Facebook profile. So, let’s see, how to sign up for VK account!

How to make a VK account

Bro, to sign up for Vk you need to do several simple steps, that wouldn’t take much time – it usually takes a couple of minutes. So, to make a VK account just follow few simple steps:

Step 1

Open in the bowser and enter your first and last name, then the date of birth and the gender in the «First time on VK» block. After this just click the button «Continue registration»;
How to sign up for VK: make an account

Step 2

On the next page need to make the account validation: choose your country and enter the phone number. Then have to agree with the Privacy policy and click «Get code». After this you will receive the verification code via sms message on your smartphone;

Step 3

Enter the code in the Confirmation code form and click «Confirm» button. Your mobile phone will be used as a login. But take it easy, Bro, the phone number won’t be shown publically on the website!

Step 4

After this you need to enter the password into the «Choose a password» box and click «Join VK» button;
How to sign up for VK: make an account

Step 5

Finally you will see the message «You have successfully registered». You can click «skip» to get fast access to your account, or click «Continue» to make some settings, add a profile pic and so on!

After all this you can start using the full Vkontakte interface, begin chatting, search people, definitely find beautiful girls, and also can listen to music or search different videos! You can also delete your VK account permanently any moment!

How to sign up for VK with Facebook account

Now let’s see, how to sign up for VK with Facebook account. You need to:

  1. Open and click «Continue with Facebook»;

  2. Then have to enter your Facebook login and password, or just click «Continue as username», if you are already authorized to Facebook in the browser you are using;

  3. After that need to enter and confirm phone number, them enter a password and start using VK.

How to sign up for VK account without a phone number

Some users ask “can I register a VK profile without a phone number”. A few years ago it was possible, users could signin via e-mail. But nowadays VK changed Privacy policy, so users have to enter and confirm their phone numbers!

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  1. Abdul sattar says:

    There is call phone no sound in what you call
    So please message for confirmation this mail or phone number


  2. mantas says:

    привет, я не могу войти в систему по электронной почте, мой прежний литовский номер больше не работает, я сейчас живу в Норвегии, и у меня есть норвежский номер, меня зовут Mantas Mantas, что мне делать

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