How to turn off call recording alert on Xiaomi

Hey, Bro! We’ve already discussed how to record calls on Xiaomi smartphones. And when you start recording a call on any Xiaomi phone, a warning appears that the conversation is being recorded. But what if you do not want the person you are calling to hear a notification that the conversation is being recorded? How to mute or disable call recording announcement on your Xiaomi (MI phones: Redmi Note 10, Poco, etc).

Well, I will show you how to turn off call recording alert on your Xiaomi smartphone!

How to mute call recording alert in Xiaomi

How to remove ‘this call is being recorded’ announcement in Xiaomi? Well, using the recording feature from the default Xiaomi app that comes on your device you can’t turn off the call recording alert.

“And what if we just mute or remove the sound?” – the smart user will ask. But nothing. It won’t help. The call recording alert will still be heard. So what do you do? Is there really no way to deactivate the call recording alert on your Xiaomi?

There is always a way out! And in this particular situation, the solution to the problem is to install a third-party application for recording phone calls.

How to disable ‘this call is being recorded’ alert on Android

As I said you can disable ‘this call is being recorded’ alert by using special app for Android and iOS devices. For example, I used Automatic call recorder. You just need to download the app, select settings and give the permissions.

After this you can make a call and record it without any notifications about the recording.

How to disable 'this call is being recorded' alert on Android

Another app to stop the call recording alert in Android I used was Cube ACR.

How to turn off call recording alert on Xiaomi

The app also needs some permissions, and you can also enable autostart and auto call recording. The Cube ACR will record every call without any sound announcements.

Of course, you can play the recording of each call or send the record. But be careful! According to current legislation, in many countries and States it is prohibited to record private conversations without warning.

Bro! Following this instruction you can hide (or re-enable) call recording notification in any Android smartphone.

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