How to check and send Instagram Direct Messages from PC 2020

Instagram allows users to not only publish various photos, videos, stories, and so on, but also to communicate via direct messages. Of course, most part of the audience uses the Instagram mobile app, however, a many users are interested how to send someone a message in the Instagram Direct from PC. So, Bro, let’s see, how to check and send Instagram Direct Messages from a computer (PC) 2020!

How do I send Instagram direct messages from browser on my computer?

How can I message someone on Instagram from a PC in browser (Chrome, for example)? Today, in 2020 you still can’t check and send messages in Insta Direct from your browser. You can open, sign in and then watch stories, view posts and photos and do many other things, but can’t use Instagram Direct.
But we are not going to give up so easy, aren’t we? In fact, Bro, if you are using Windows 10, you can download Instagram from Microsoft Store!

Instagram app for Windows allows you to use all the functions that are available in mobile app!
How to check and send Instagram Direct Messages from a computer (PC) 2019
Also you can download Bluestacks – Android emulator for PC and Mac. Bluestacks allows to use all mobile apps on your computer, downloading them from Play Market just like on your smartphone. But Bluestacks has some disadvantages – it often works with different problems and errors. So, I recommend to use Instagram app for Windows to use Insta Direct on PC.
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