How to link your Vkontakte (VK) and Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts

Hey, Bro! Using Facebook and Vkontakte every day, once I realized that it would be great to link my accounts and clone posts from one to another. But can I link my VK and Facebook accounts? I’ve found the decision easily because the VK interface allows to connect account with the other social media! So, I’ll show you, how to link your Vkontakte and Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

How to connect VK to Instagram account

Well, Bro, first let’s see what you need to do to share posts from VK to your Instagram profile. But you can link your VK and Instagram accounts only on desktop, so previously need to login to Insta account on your PC. Well, now let’s talk about how to connect your VK account to Instagram. All you need is just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Login VK account, click the arrow symbol near the nickname and select “Edit”;

Step 2

Then open the “Contact info” tab and click “configure import” (;
How to link your Vkontakte (VK) and Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts

Step 3

After that click “Authorize” button (or enter your Instagram login and password);

Step 4

Here you can choose how to import photos and posts: to an album in VK or to your wall – all photos posted in Instagram would be cloned to your Vkontakte. But I recommend to select “Hashtag only” as this allows you to post only photos with hashtags: #vk – to post in the selected album, #vkpost – to post on your VK wall.
How to connect VK to Instagram account

Step 5

That’s all! Look here: I’ve posted a meme and added a hashtag #vkpost…

Step 6

… and the pic appeared on my VK wall!

To unlink your VK and Instagram account you need to:

  • Open “Contact info” tab again and click the gear icon;
  • Then click “disable” to disconnect the accounts.

VK allows only to import posts from Instagram, but you can’t export Vkontakte posts to your Insta!

Bro, you can also link your VK and Twitter accounts, and import/export your posts!

And what about Facebook? How to connect VK to Facebook account? I didn’t find the way to do this. Recently it was possible, and many people used this. Unfortunately, VK now doesn’t allow to connect your profile to Facebook. Maybe it happened because of the American sanctions and the Russian response to them and the aggravation of relations between the countries, ha-ha.

In fact, the only thing you can do to link in some way your VK and Facebook accounts is to add your FB profile URL to VK profile info.

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