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Odnoklassniki (Classmates) is a popular Russian social network. The second most popular after VK among social media in Russia. The site ok.ru takes 8th place in Russia and 75th place in the world according to Alexa rank. The site was launched on March 26, 2006.

Official website: https://ok.ru

Detailed information

Classmates in Russian – “Одноклассники”

Odnoklassniki is a great site where you can meet new people or find classmates and old friends. You can also watch videos and listen to music online.

On Classmates registered more than 330 million users. Every month more than 71 million visitors come to the site.

Despite the fact that this is a Russian-language social network, Classmates are also available in English version, so the English-speaking audience will not have problems with the interface of the website.

Logo of Classmates:

Odnoklassniki logo of Russian social media

Odnoklassniki logo of Russian social media

Logo Classmates like a little man, but if you look more closely, you can see that this is 2 vertically inverted letters OK.

It is worth noting that despite its name the audience of Classmates are much older than the audience in the VK.


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