How to be offline in VK | invisible | hide last seen Vkontakte

Hey, Bro! Searching, how to be offline in VK and hiding “last seen” status? Vkontakte by itself doesn’t allow users to be invisible and hide the time you were last online. But you can use special mobile apps to be invisible on VK. And I’ll show you, how to hide your ‘last seen’ time in VK!

How to be always invisible in VK via Kate Mobile app

The best way to be always invisible in VK and hide your “last seen” data is using the Kate Mobile app. Whst you have to do to be invisible in Vkontakte is:

  1. Download Kate mobile from Play Market or AppStore;
  2. Open the app and login. Then tap the 3-dotted symbol in the right top corner of the screen and select “Settings”;
  3. On the next screen tap the “Online Invisibility settings” tab;
    How to be offline in VK, invisible in VKontakte
  4. And select “Be offline if possible”;
    how to be offline in VK and hiding “last seen” status
  5. Then you’ll see the message about how Kate Mobile keeps you invisible.

Of course, there are many other applications that allow you to be invisible on VK. But I prefer to use Kate Mobile because of such advantages:

  • You can use this app for free;
  • Kate Mobile usually works without any problems and errors;
  • It really allows you to be invisible (some other apps only say they can).

And pay attention, some applications have the only purpose – to hack your VK account. So, Bro! Trust but always check!
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