How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

iPhone X has no home button, so some difficulties are now guaranteed to many users – for example with making screenshots. On previous iPhones users can take a screenshot by pressing “home” button and “power” button at the same time. But how to do a screenshot on iPhone X?

How to do a screenshot on iPhone X

How to screenshot on an iPhone X? In fact, the absence of the home button does not turn making screenshots in a difficult process. All user have to do to screenshot on an iPhone X is:

  1. Press the «Volume up» and the «lock» button at the same time. These are: the one on the top of the left side and the other – the large button on the right side. Remember, you have to press the buttons simultaneously;
    How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

  2. Then the screen will flash, and the screenshot will appear in the lower left corner. Also, meanwhile you can hear something like a shutter sound, if the silent mode isn’t on;

  3. After that the screenshot will disappear automatically and be saved in the camera roll in a few seconds. By tapping on the screenshot you can open the options to edit it, for example you can crop or mark some details with color and some drawing elements.

If the screenshot has already disappeared, you can open it in the “Camera” on your iPhone!

In addition it should be noted, that iOS 12 allows to avoid random and unintentional screenshots, which are not uncommon on the previous iPhones. Now user can take the screenshot only when the iPhone screen is on, and it is the simple way to prevent unintentional screenshots!

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X with the AssistiveTouch and apps

Also, you can make screenshots whith the AssistiveTouch. For this you need to go to “Settings>General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch” and there tap “Customize Top Level Menu”. And, of course, to make a screenshot you can use some special apps, for example “Awesome Screenshot”, which is available for free on AppStore!

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