How to unfriend someone on VK | delete from friend list Vkontakte

Hey, Bro! If someone is annoying you on VKontakte, or you just don’t want to communicate with any friend, you can easily delete this person from your friend list. Well, I’ll show you several simple steps, how to unfriend someone on VK!

How to delete a friend in VK

To delete a friend in VK just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Open your friend list, click the 3-dotted button opposite the wright person and choose “Remove from friends”. User will be immediately deleted from your friend list;
How to unfriend someone on VK | delete from friend list Vkontakte

Step 2

You can also open the profile, click the arrow near “In your friend list” and click “Remove from friends” in the drop-down list;
How to delete a friend in VK

As you can see it’s quite simple. By the way, the person you have removed from friend list won’t receive any notification about this.

How to remove a follower on VK

The followers are the users that sent you a friend request but did not get the permission. But they can view your profile and send messages. One of the dumbest things about VK is that you can’t delete the followers. But you can block any follower – add person to your VK blacklist, so he or she couldn’t view your profile or send a message.
You can also change account privacy settings and deny the access to your profile to everyone except certain friends. To do this you need:

  1. Click the arrow symbol near your nickname and choose the “Settings” tab;
  2. Open the “Privacy” tab and change who can view main information of your profile, your photos and so on;

    For example you give the access only to certain friends, or to everyone except one specify person;
  3. Below on this page you can also choose who can send you private messages;
  4. In summary, here you can change the privacy settings, and choose certain friends, who can contact with you and view your profile data.

And you can easily view all the users that removed you from their friend list. To do this you need:

  • Open your friend list, click the “Followers” and open the “Outgoing” tab;
  • Bro, you are the follower of all the contacts in this list. You can click “Unfollow” to cancel the subscriprion.

3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hi there, thanx for the information! I have another question concerning VK: How do I cancel sent – meaning pending – friend requests on VK? Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

    • Alexandra says:

      If you don’t want to add someone who sent you a friend request on VK – you can only keep him as follower. Unfortunately, you can’t cancel pending request, but you can block this person)))
      And, of course, you can cancel your outgoing friend requests: open “Friends” tab, then click “Friend requests” at the right top corner of the screen, then click “Outgoing” and click “unfollow” button (this works for desktop).

  2. Nikki says:

    and closed friends means deleted ?

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