What does User Not Found mean on Instagram

“User not found” – you can face this error while searching someone’s profile on Instagram. Most people think, that it happens because the user has blocked your profile. But it’s not so! Or it’s better to say – it’s not the single reason, why the user can not be found in Instagram. OK, Bro! Let’s see, what does User Not Found mean on Instagram!

Why user is not found in Instagram

What does it mean when you press on someone’s name on Instagram and it says user not found? There are 3 reasons why does this happen:

  1. User has changed his or her Insta username. You know, every user can change his username anytime. So when you tap the old username on the tagged photo or in direct message, you’ll see “User not found” at the top of profile.
    What does User Not Found mean on Instagram
    But you can try to find user by the real name, or search in the followers of mutual friends;

  2. The user has temporarily disabled the profile. After doing this, Instagram takes off account from public database, so other users can’t view the profile data. You will be able to find the user only if he recovers his profile;

  3. The user’s account was banned because for breaking the policy. It happens when user uses spam or cheating the followers.

How can I understand that someone blocked me on Instagram

And how can you understand that someone blocked you on Instagram? First of all, it’ll be not so easy for you to find the profile as before, because Instagram helps to keep it from blocked users. And if you still can find and open the profile, you’ll see an empty screen, like this:

How can I understand that someone blocked me on Instagram

So, if you see absolutely empty profile, it 99% means that this user blocked you in Instagram. Bro, read also how to add a clickable WhatsApp link to your Instgram profile!

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