How to view Facebook profile as public 2020 | see as other people

Hey bro! Facebook used to allow users to see how their profiles look to other people. In particular, the ‘View as’ feature was intended for this. Today many FB users ask: “Where has the ‘view as’ button gone? How can I view my Facebook profile as someone else?” Well, let’s see, how to view your Facebook profile as public in 2020!

How to see your Facebook profile as someone else (or as public)

How to see your Facebook as someone else? Unfortunately, Facebook has temporarily disabled this feature while they are conducting a thorough security review.

How to view Facebook profile as public 2019 | see as other people
So if earlier you could view your as the public by clicking on the “View as” button in your timeline…
How to see your Facebook profile as someone else (or as public)

now you won’t be able to find this feature and view your profile as the others. Since many users want to return this feature, I hope that Facebook will return it soon.

However, do not be discouraged prematurely. There is only 1 way to see what your Facebook profile looks like to your friends and other users in 2020. You need to register at least one more Facebook account and view what the primary profile looks like to it. This method allows you to see how your friends (or friends of friends) see your profile, or how the public does.

And don’t forget you can edit what exactly other people can see in your Facebook profile in the Privacy and Timeline and Tagging settings.
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