How to view posts you’ve liked on Vkontakte (VK)

One question that VK users ask over and over – “how to view all the posts I’ve liked in Vkontakte?” Today VK allows you to see all the content you’ve liked before easily. And I’ll show you, how to view posts you’ve liked on Vkontakte!

Your liked posts in VK

You can view all the posts, photos, videos and comments just by a couple of clicks in VK. You can do this both on desktop and in mobile app! Well, let’s see how can you view all your liked posts on PC. So Bro, just follow few simple steps:

Step 1

Login and open the “News” tab;

Step 2

Then just click the tap “Liked” and view everything you’ve ever liked on VK.
How to view posts you’ve liked on Vkontakte (VK)

Step 3

Here you can use a filter to see a specified type of content you’ve liked.

How to view VK posts you’ve liked on your phone

You can view the posts you’ve liked on Vkontakte on your smartphone via mobile app. You need:

  • Open the app, login and tap the three-lined symbol in the right bottom corner of the screen;
  • Tap the “Liked” tab with the heart symbol in the menu and you’ll see every liked post.

As you see it’s quite easy to view all the posts you’ve liked in VK!
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