How to view saved videos and photos on Facebook 2020

Hey, Bro! Facebook allows you to save posts, photos, videos, links, events and so on. You can also group your saved items into collections. Don’t you think it’s a really useful function? As you can, for example, group recipes, or funny cat videos, or football highlights to enjoy them later. Well, let’s talk about how to view your saved videos and photos on Facebook in 2020!

Where are the things I saved on Facebook?

One simple question How do I view Facebook saved photos and videos? Where to find them? Ah, okay, it’s turned out to 2 simple questions, but doesn’t matter. To view all the things saved on Facebook you need:

  • Log in and click the “Saved” tab in the Explore box at the left menu;
    Where are the things I saved on Facebook?
  • Here you can see everything you saved on FB. You can view all saved content, or select only videos, photos etc.How to view saved videos and photos on Facebook 2019

Bro, to delete a photo or video from your saved just click the cross symbol.

How to create a collection on Facebook

Creating a new collection from your saved photos and videos on Facebook is quite simple. To make a new Facebook collection you need:

  • Open your “Saved” content and click “New collection”;

  • Enter the name of the collection and click “Create”;

  • Then you can add any photo or video to the collection you created by clicking “Add to collection” and selecting the right collection.

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