Who visited my VK profile | viewed Vkontakte page

Hey, Bro! Want to know, who visited your page on Vkontakte and viewed your profile and photos? But does VK allow users to see the real guests? You can use special app that can show some guests of your VK profile. So, I’ll show you, how to find out who visited your VK profile!

How to see your guests on Vkontakte

Well, let’s talk about how to see your guests on Vkontakte. Bro, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Open the “Games” tab and enter “Мои гости” in the search form;

Step 2

You need the first app such as shown in the pic below;
Who visited my VK profile | viewed Vkontakte page

Step 3

Click “Launch game” and then open the app. Then you’ll see some notifications, ads and popup windows. Just close all and open the “Guests” tab;
How to see your guests on Vkontakte

Step 4

Here you’ll see several profiles – those with the heart symbol aren’t your guests, but the users who paid for the promotion of their profiles. Among all you can see your real guests with the correct date and time, when they viewed your page;
Who visited my VK profile | viewed Vkontakte page

Step 5

You can also open the “Fans” tab and view the users who have liked your photos, replied to your comments and so on. It’s not really useful function as you can view all this without the app.

To tell the truth, this app often does not show all your guests. But you can launch it for free and view at least someone who definitely visited your profile some time ago.
Another way to see the people, who visit your VK profile is:

  • start deleting your account, and select “Nobody comments on my posts” as a reason of removing;
  • then you will be able to see the users, who often views your profile.

Finally, different third-party apps on Play Market and AppStore says that could show all the guest in VK. You can try to use one of it.

But, Bro, you should know that VK Policy does not approve the opportunity to see the guests. So, all the ways to see the guests are semi-working!

By the way, another Russian big social network – Odnoklassniki allows to view all the users, who visited your profile.

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