Yandex Browser sync settings

Synchronization is a very convenient tool for exchanging data between devices. Many modern browsers offer this feature, including Yandex. You will always have on hand quick access to bookmarks, pictures, videos, history and more. Let’s see how to enable sync in Yandex browser.

How to enable and set sync in Yandex Browser

  1. Step 1. Open menu by clicking on the button with 3 horizontal lines in the upper right part of the browser window;
  2. Step 2. Go to settings;
    Yandex Browser settings
  3. Step 3. Go to the sync settings;
    Sync setting Yandex Browser
  4. Step 4. Press the “Enable” button;
    Enable Sync settings in Yandex browser
  5. Step 5. Log in to your account or register a new one;
    Log in to Yandex account
  6. Step 6. You can select in the settings which data should be synchronized. You just need to check the necessary items with a tick.


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